Joe Schwartz


Joe Schwartz

At Acro, Mr. Schwartz serves as President and Chief Executive Officer, where he is responsible for the management of all Acro’s functions and for the executive management and strategic functions of Acro’s portfolio companies.


Prior to co-founding Acro, in 2009 Mr. Schwartz founded Healing Rays LLC, a multi-service healthcare company specializing in outpatient rehab and medical billing.  In 2010, Mr. Schwartz founded Blackbird Management Co. LLC, a transportation management and logistics company.


In 2014, Mr. Schwartz joined Cobble Hill Partners, where he provided operational consultation services to, and made principal investments in, small and medium-sized businesses.  As a principle of Cobble Hill Partners, Mr. Schwarz invested in and provided consultation services to a number of small businesses, including Licenders, a company that provides commercial solutions and manufactures products for the treatment of head lice.  Mr. Schwartz currently serves as a member of Licenders’ board of directors.  Mr. Schwartz also sits on the board of three non-for-profit corporations.


Mr. Schwartz received an MBA from Columbia Business School in 2017, where he graduated with Dean’s Honors and Distinction (top 5% of class) and was designated a “Private Equity Fellow.”  Mr. Schwartz  graduated summa cum laude from Brooklyn College in 2007 with a BS in Business, Management and Finance.