Dagur Eyjolfsson


Dagur Eyjolfsson

At Acro, Mr. Eyjolfsson is responsible for the technology and operational functions of the portfolio companies. Those responsibilities include strategic planning, leading operational improvements, supervision of new initiatives and providing support to management as needed.


Prior to joining Acro, Mr. Eyjolfsson served for ten years as CFO and, in addition, was responsible for technology infrastructure, at Epal Ltd., a high-end furniture and décor retail chain in Iceland.


Mr. Eyjolfsson has consulted for various new business ventures, assisting them with financial modeling and technology applications, including web and mobile applications.  In 2010, Mr. Eyjolfsson founded Dagsform, a health and fitness tech startup servicing the European market.


Mr. Eyjolfsson received an MBA from Columbia Business School in 2017,  where he was the recipient of the Nahum Melumad Memorial Prize, which the highest honor given to the member of the graduating class on the basis of outstanding scholarship and a significant impact on the Columbia community. In addition, he graduated with Dean’s Honors and Distinction (top 5% of class) and was designated a “Private Equity Fellow.”  Mr. Eyjolfsson graduated summa cum laude from Coastal Carolina University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Management and Finance.